Jamie Oliver’s One Cup Pancakes (with Mango)

I love Pancakes!

Have any of you heard of Jamie’s Ministry of Food? Jamie Oliver, amazing chef and cookbook writer has this movement he’s starting trying to get everyone to cook and to “pass it on.” I learned about it through my mother-in-law’s cookbook, which I immediately started copying recipes out of. This one is my favorite because I don’t even need it written down, it is that simple. It is also very good.

So in the spirit of the movement I thought I’d “pass it on.”


Jamie Oliver’s One Cup Pancakes

You’ll Need

Any old cup. (I used this cool mug)

Self-rising flour

Fill it with self-rising flour (or with your best guess at it, say 2 teaspoons or so of baking powder and a little salt, maybe a dash of sugar… there’s really no getting this stuff wrong!) and dump  it in a bowl.


Now fill it with milk.


You’ll need to be melting a “knob” of butter. (Don’t ask me how much a knob is, everything online is conflicting, but it’s more than a pat and less than a stick, if that helps.) To pour in.

Putting it all together

Throw your butter, an egg, and the milk into the bowl with the flour and stir it up.


Now, pour some of this into a pan and cook it over medium heat until you see bubbles forming, like in the picture above.

"They call him Flipper..."

Flip it.

Here's the mango-y part

And once it is golden on the other side, serve it with fruit (like mango, or strawberry, or both!) and maybe a little whip cream, or some maple syrup… have fun!

The BEST way

You can also add chocolate chips to these… and they are even better. (But don’t tell Jamie I said so!)

Now go make it, master it, and pass it on!


2 responses to “Jamie Oliver’s One Cup Pancakes (with Mango)

  1. Maybe we could make some when we visit!

  2. So I got a wordpress for my bottle cap thing. check it ouuutt!

    its: http://recycledcaps.wordpress.com/

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