New York, Greeks, and Bagels



I made these a while ago but haven’t posted them till now and looking at them makes me really want to make them again! These are SO easy to make (for bagels) and so delicious!

They also make a great breakfast, lunch, or dinner. With cream cheese, with tomato soup, or like this…

Greek Goodness

This is like a Greek bagel sandwich. It reminds me of my favorite bagel shop, Mike’s, on 5th Ave.  in Brooklyn.

I walked into Mike’s one of my first days in New York and the proprietor, Augustus, or “Gus” as everyone called him, looked up from a frank conversation with a friend across the counter to greet me with a “How you doin’?” I kept my composer with difficulty, wanting to squeal in tourist-like glee, but at that moment I knew that I was indeed in New York, and that I was gonna like it there.

The rest of my stay I frequented the bagel shop often, bringing some crocheting to enjoy with my morning coffee and bagel, while I watched Gus and his Greek costumers from the neighborhood advise, joke, and sometimes argue amongst themselves and with members of the middle eastern community that also frequented the shop. When it once got particularly heated Gus pointed me out and “Hey fellas! There’s a lady!” I felt incredibly cool.

I love New York.

The sandwich is basically feta, tomatoes and thin sliced red onions on a bagel. I never had one at Mike’s, but I think Gus would approve.

Did I just get completely side-tracked? Yes, yes I did.

Next post I’ll teach you how to actually make the Bagels.


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