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1950s Housewife


What is it about this picture that makes it so appealing?

Yes, besides my rendering of it through Illustrator.

Is it her starched apron? Her perfectly coiffed hair? The sublime suggestion of breakfast in bed with a smile? No, it’s all of those at once that make her so amazing!

Does anyone else attain to this? Not sayin’ it’s possible, just that it’s incredibly cool. Of course, if I was carrying the tray, the toast would be burnt.

There goes my dream of being the perfect homemaker.


Island “P’in-cess” (According to my Daughter)


Playing with Illustrator and hand-painted tissue paper.

A Family “Tree” Eric Carle Style


Here it is! This is the top-secret thing I was working on before. I made it for my parent’s wedding anniversary and it turned out great!

The happy couple

It’s made in the same way Eric Carle makes his illustrations for books like “The Very Hungery Caterpiller” Which just celebrated it’s 40th anniversary!

The grans

I’d go into detail about how I did everything but Eric explains it SO much better than I ever could. You can check it all out right here.

By the light of the moon...

Stamp Tin

Rule Britannia!

I finally went out and bought a jar of mod podge! I’m presently using it for a TOP SECRET project. That I will of course post when finished.

The stamps are from various mail we’ve recieved from England.

Bunny Buddy


So after making bug-hug-bear I was feeling kind of guilty that I had made something for a friends baby and had still made nothing for my own daughters. My younger daughter is brand new, so I don’t think she minds. But the oldest kept running of with parts of  the bear as I was making it and going “Grr! Grr!” Very cute. So I had to make her something.  She loves bunnies. She makes a kind off kissing sound for them whenever she sees one. Hence the Bunny Buddy. Although now that I’ve made her  this I think I may have to make her a new amigurumi… she just met Buzz (the Georgia Tech Mascot) and is enraptured. It’s cool though. We’re a Tech lovin’ kinda family.


BigHug Bear


This is “BigHug” Bear. I made it for some friends who are having a baby boy this summer. I basically free-crocheted it, using some pictures of other amigurumis I liked as a guide. I love making amigurumi because they’re fast and have lots of different parts. Hence I don’t have to commit to something that won’t get done, and I don’t get tired of doing it.