Snowy April Hot Coco


What do you do when it snows in April?

I suppose you could be taken aback about how ridiculously cold it is outside and complain that you were just wearing shorts the other day and say that really the weather should decide what it is going to be and then stick to it.

But some people, rather than doing all of that, would simply celebrate further cold weather with a steaming cup of home-made hot coco, marveling at the beauty falling gently in front of them.

I say, why not do both? That’s what gets me into trouble. I’m like this crazy weather, can’t make up my mind what I want to do, so, I do all of it. Which means I sometimes burn toast.

But the coco turned out great! Want the recipe? Ok.

I am such a push-over.

Baby it's cold outside!

Snowy April Hot Coco (For 2)

2 Mugs worth of Milk

1/2 cup Dark Chocolate Chips

1 big pinch Salt

Lots of Little Marshmallows

Heat the milk to a simmer, remove from heat, put in salt and chocolate chips, adding more to taste. Whisk vigorously till foamy. Pour into mugs. Top with lots and lots of little marshmallows.

I know, that was so easy. But isn’t it nice to have a recipe for something “home-made” that takes like, 2 minutes? And it tastes mah-va-lous. Enjoy.


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